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Why I Wrote This Book

When severe trials slap us in the face, we tend to feel that our own situation is the worst thing that could happen. And it is not consoling for someone else to tell us that they have experienced even greater hardship. This book tries to explain why.

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How to read this book

All of the articles that are posted here will be sorted, ordered and combined and necessary corrections made prior to final publication. Some of the posted articles may be eliminated from the final publication. This website is a collection point where all of the necessary articles are kept prior to the final assembly of the book.

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The title of this Book is intentionally meant to be a play on words. A more accurate title might be “Teachings from the Book of James on How to Live with Trials.” But I do not want anyone to be turned off by thinking that this book is just a verse-by-verse commentary (of my understanding) on the Book of James.

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