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Written By: Ray - Aug• 21•09

A Book (in progress) By Ray Waldo, MEd
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“The articles of this book are all jumbled up and I cannot make any sense of them!”

Well, that is a pretty accurate description since I am still writing the book.

All of the articles will be posted without regard to their final position in the book. The sequence of the ARTICLES section is that the NEWEST articles are at the top of the list and the oldest articles will be at the bottom of the list.

I will publish a notice of each new article on my RSS, Facebook & Twitter feeds just to alert you to the fact that a new article has been published. But I will only be posting  an excerpt and it will be necessary to visit this site to read the article and comment?

All of the articles that are posted here will be sorted, ordered and combined and necessary corrections made prior to final publication. Some of the posted articles may be eliminated from the final publication. This website is a collection point where all of the necessary articles are kept prior to the final assembly of the book.

The purpose of posting these articles online is not (primarily) for your reading pleasure. 😉  Although I trust that each article will be beneficial to you, the reason that I am publishing them is to get your feedback.

  • Tell me if you take exception to the content.
  • Tell me if you find grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Tell me if it just does not make sense to you.
  • Debate the theological issues.
  • Give me an “Attaboy” if you feel that it is appropriate.

Comments of this nature will help me to read each article as an observer – rather than as a writer. Hopefully, the finished product will be a book that holds both interest and value for the reader. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

The next article is the Foreword.


Written By: Ray - Aug• 20•09

James on Trial

How to react in the face of severe hardship


The title of this Book is intentionally meant to be a play on words. A more accurate title might be “Teachings from the Book of James on How to Live with Trials.” But I do not want anyone to be turned off by thinking that this book is just a verse-by-verse commentary (of my understanding) on the Book of James.

Let me make it very clear, this is NOT a verse-by-verse commentary. I believe that God gave James a story to tell and that he wrote it down, just as it was given to him. However, Jewish writers often did not follow an sequential, orderly progression of thought – as most contemporary writers try to do. Instead, the Jewish writers used a technique of writing that presented a thought then added parenthetical information to clarify the original thought.

Because anyone who thinks in purely sequential terms (verse-to-verse) may not be able to properly follow the Jewish writer’s train of though,the Jewish style of writing sometimes appears to be “jumping all over the place” and of having many disjointed concepts just thrown together. That is how some (verse-by-verse) commentaries interpret the book.

However, those who read a lot on the Internet are familiar with the “hyperlinks” found on the there. (Internet “hyperlinks” allow the reader to read other sources for additional information.) I will try to blend the styles and move from concept to concept – instead of moving from verse to verse. I trust that such a style will be easier for the reader to follow and still remain faithful to the message that God gave James for us today.


Written By: Ray - Aug• 19•09


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