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Written By: Ray - Aug• 23•09

Would you help me write this book?

I would like for you to keep up with the development of this book and provide comments and constructive criticism. What I really need are some “beta testers” or “focus group members” to give me feedback on how each book “feels” from the reader’s perspective.

As a participant, there are few demands placed upon you but each time you comment on a section of the book, you will make the book better for all of us. I have not decided whether I will publish in paper and electronically or just electronically but I probably will put some price on the finished book. Anyone who helps will, at a minimum, get an electronic copy. No other financial offers are made.

If you would like to participate, you must register with the IntenseDebate Comments site (that is the application running my comments subsystem.) Read more about it (and get instructions on signing up) here. You should also register on this site. Registration is free and your email address is secure with me.

Also, if you register here, you will also be registered on other CDN Today sites and welcome to make comments on themĀ as well.


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One Comment

  1. Ray says:

    I welcome your comments to any of these posts.

    You may make constructive comments about the grammar, spelling, or content. Comments to the content should include whether your concern is about the application of the idea or about its agreement with other sources – especially if you find conflict with Scripture.

    We will iron out the best way to help with the writing of the book as we get further into it.

    Remember, you can only participate as a member of the focus group if you are registered on this site.

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