James on Trial

Help Understanding Hardships

P4 – Purpose of Trials – Defeat Satan

We can understand the schemes of Satan and outwit him. Satan uses trials to cause us to hold grudges and miss the blessings of God. God uses trials to teach us to forgive and be blessed.

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P3 – Purpose of Trials – Forgiveness

When Jesus forgives a person, who are WE to still hold them accountable? If we are suffering in trials, it may be the result of our own actions – including our unwillingness to forgive those whom God has forgiven!

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P2 – Purpose of Trials – Love

Some trials are intended to prepare us to show love and ministry to someone that we will encounter in the future. In the words that God gave me recently, “If I am not willing to experience pain for you, I have no right to say ‘I love you.’”

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P1 – Purpose of Trials, Source of Help

In the Bible, hardships are described as a “test of our faith” because they often push us to the point of realizing that we are not able to endure. Suffering should teach us to rely on God – rather than ourselves. (2Co 1:9). This post elaborates on that statement.

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P0 – Purpose of Trials

“Why does God allow trials?” Some trials are the result of our own actions, some from the actions of others & some occur to everyone in an area (like storms). God ALLOWS these things to happen to us so we will learn and grow.

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Looking for the “wisdom store”

How does one acquire wisdom? I do NOT believe that God “sprinkles wisdom dust” on our heads. I believe that there is a PROCESS through which we develop wisdom. This article describes the basic process.

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